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Product Owner

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Sofia Stars is growing tremendously, and we continue to conquer new countries!

Role in a nutshell:

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Sofia Stars as we soar to new heights, conquering vibrant markets across the globe! Join us as a pioneer in our rapidly expanding IT hub in Sofia and be at the forefront of our dynamic Product team.
Elevate your career and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of innovation with Sofia Stars!


✔️ Manage Product Backlog: Formulating the list of backlog items and prioritising them as per the critical business objectives.

✔️ Define Sprint Objectives: The product owner defines the suggested sprint objective which will serve as a base to determine the sprint goal

✔️ Review and approve the work done by the development team: The product owner inspects the product increment made by the development team in each iteration.

✔️ Provide effective communication to the stakeholders of the project: The Product Owner is the central communicator between the development team and the stakeholders.
They need to be clear and concise communicators to ensure there is approval of the stakeholders for all major decisions and strategies.

✔️ Backlog Refinement: Ability to prioritise, enhance, and finalise the items with the team before the sprint planning.

✔️ Create and Maintain Change Requests Associated with the Product: Predominantly an Operational task. The Product Owner will gather and prioritise operational changes and include them within the Product Backlog for future sprint iteration.

✔️ Define Acceptance Criteria for their Product: The Product Owner must know what they want their product features to achieve.Having strongly defined acceptance criteria is vital to ensure
that the Product performs to the expected standard. A/C's should always be confirmed with Stakeholders and will be used as a baseline for QA to test against.

✔️ Gather Functional and non Functional Requirements: The Product Owner will ensure that all requirements are gathered and that they meet the Product Managers expectations.

✔️ Maintain Requirements: Requirements may be adjusted during the project lifecycle, this is to be expected in a dynamic environment such as ours.
If a requirement is adjusted then this must be reflected at the appropriate level (Epic, Story).

✔️ Verify Requirements: Once the requirements, functional and non functional, have been gathered from the Stakeholder the Product Owner will confirm and agree that the requirements are fit for purpose and use.

✔️ Create and Maintain Epics, Stories, Use and Edge Cases. Although the creation of these artefacts may be done by another team the Product Owner holds accountability for the quality of their content


✔️ At least a year as a Product Owner or similar role (Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, Data Analyst).

✔️ To thrive in this role, a strong technical foundation is essential. This includes expertise in software development, coding, and design. Familiarity with product development architecture, Scrum, and Agile methodologies is crucial. A solid grasp of user experience principles and effective product backlog management adds depth to the skill set needed for success.

✔️ Communication Skills (Proficient in English)

Use of verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills to create and convey product goals. Reporting insights which allows them to maximise product value and address issues during the early stages of development.

✔️ Analytical Skills

Ability to analyse various issues and find workable solutions as quickly as possible. Identify, collect and analyse information, use reason to solve complex problems and make decisions based on logical conclusions.

✔️ Decision Making

Use technical, analytical and communications skills to make crucial decisions regarding their products success and development. After identifying an issue you must be able to collect and collate all relevant information, find ways of dealing with it, decide on the best option and implement/evaluate the results.

✔️ Leadership

You will lead a team (without being a manager), therefore you must be able to demonstrate effective leadership techniques.
Bring vision to the team, mentor where needed and negotiate with team members and the wider business.

✔️ Conflict Resolution

You will act as a mediator if/when conflict arises to ensure that the development stays on schedule. You will have the ability to resolve disputes over resource or power dynamics, using active listening skills to consider both sides and then make the decision.

✔️ Professional Certification:

PSPO level 1 or similar, but not a requirement

Why Sofia Stars?

✔️ Official employment and full medical insurance (including in-patient and out-patient care, maternity, dental, and annual health check-ups);
✔️ Competitive salary and attractive bonus scheme;
✔️ Working in a dynamic International company;
✔️ Birthday celebration present;
✔️ Ability for career and professional growth within the company;
✔️ Sportscard (Multisport) - partly covered & team-building events and activities;
✔️ Sunny, spacious office;
✔️ Wedding and newborn gifts;
✔️ Breakfast, food vouchers, fruits, and snacks available in the office.

Join Sofia Stars and rock with us! 🚀

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